The Professional Board of Psychology, the legislated body responsible for monitoring registered professional psychologists, determines guidelines for reasonable fees. The mandate of the board is to protect the public by ensuring that registered psychologists render services to the public competently and ethically. The board's tariff guide deters professional psychologists from inflating their fees unreasonably. Medical aid schemes implement a similar guide known as the "scale of benefits" for services. The scale of benefits is less than the board's recommended tariffs.

Attention is drawn to the fact that my fees are in accordance with the scale of benefits. The list below is meant to assist prospective clients. Compliance with the Consumer Protection Act (No. 68 of 2008) requires transparancy of fees prior to services rendered.


The fee structure is based on the duration of a consultation. Individual therapy sessions can be either 50 minutes or 60 minutes. A conjoint session (for couples) is 70 minutes long. 


50 minutes R 760 R 760 650
60 minutes R 900 R 900 750
70 minutes R 1040 R 1040 850



  • Electronic fund transfer: the session fee is settled on the day of the consultation by means of the client making a transfer from their bank account; applies mostly to clients who are not members of a medical aid scheme.
  • Cash payment: the session fee is settled at the conclusion of the consultation; discount applies (50min session is R650, 60min session is R750, 70min session is R850). This option applies to all clients (medical aid scheme members included) who would like to save costs attached to their treatment. Please note that the cash settlement must be done at the end of the consultation and cannot be done monthly.
  • Electronic claim submission: the session fee is claimed directly from the medical aid scheme by means of an electronic submission.